CEO and Founder, SG United Soccer 

Alassane is a veteran of the football industry and former S-League player. He is a skilled coach who has coached and mentored young footballers for more than 10 years.

Through his organization which he founded, SG United Soccer based in Singapore, he has shown his track record of helping young soccer players improve their abilities, encouraging teamwork, and creating a supportive learning atmosphere. With a solid foundation in performance analysis and discpline, Alassane is naturally gifted at inspiring and motivating his soccer players to realize their greatest potential.

  1. Mamadou Bah

With a passion for transforming athletes into champions and instilling a winning mentality, former soccer player Mamadou Bah stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of coaching. Mamadou’s journey in the realm of sports has been defined by unwavering dedication, strategic brilliance, and a commitment to developing not only exceptional athletes but also exceptional individuals. Mamadou’s coaching career is punctuated with numerous accolades and achievements. Under his guidance, young teams across Singapore have consistently achieved unprecedented success, winning championships and tournaments at both regional and national levels. Bah, who holds an AFC Coaching C and also B license has shown that his ability to cultivate a culture of teamwork, self-belief, and strategic brilliance has set him apart as a true maestro in the coaching arena.

  1. Sameer Alassane

23 year old Sameer is a current football player in the Singapore Premier League and the son to SG United Soccer founder Alassane. As a rising star in the world of coaching, Sameer brings a fresh perspective and youthful energy to the field. With a deep passion for sports and a commitment to player development, Sameer is making waves as a dynamic and innovative coach. Despite his relatively young age, Sameer has already amassed an impressive coaching portfolio. He has been coaching at SG United Soccer for over a year now, demonstrating his ability to connect with the young soccer players and drive performance improvement.

  1. Aravin

Aravin was born and raised in Singapore, where he started playing competitive football at the age of 15. At 21, he made his SPL debut and played football for two different teams: Geylang International in 2020–2021 and Balestier Khalsa in 2016–2020. Aravin is part of SG United Soccer to share his soccer skills that he learnt over the years with the kids.

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