Frequenlty Asked Questions

We are passionate about your child’s development in his/her soccer journey. We strive to make this possible by being enthusiastic and dedicated to each child that signs up and makes sure they knowthe fundamentals of the game i.e. passing , strikingthe ball , dribbling and challenging players to practice each and every day possible.

n the event of bad weather (lightning and thunderstorms) continuously for more than an hour, SG United Soccer will stop all activities for the day and affected sessions will be postponed to the following week of the new camp.

Your child will need to bring several things:

  • Water Bottle

  • Snack and Lunch

  • Extra Shirt

  • Insect Repellent

  • Sunscreen

For 1 on 1 coaching, we can always reschedule. However for group sessions, there is no make – up training unfortunately and will carry on with the rest of the children.

This option may be available, depending on availability. We offer a trial package at $30 for any 1 -1 or group sessions. Please email us for more details.

Yes. Please register for our evening & weekend sessions, they are payable upon arrival each week.

We provide top quality coaching sessions for children to advance their soccer skills that are structured and highly advanced . Players will get better technically on the ball as well as getting in better condition without even realising this.


It is our passion for the game that will help your child to become a smarter and more gifted player.

Call or WhatsApp or Email us at! There are tons of things to consider and we are happy to answer all of your questions!